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Energy and Nuclear Power

The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the release of radiation, planned blackouts in East Japan, the shutdown of all nuclear power stations throughout the country, constraints on the power supply and demand.
All of these factors have produced an unprecedented level of concern about electric power and energy, especially nuclear power generation.

Against this background, Chubu Electric is once again made keenly aware of the importance of providing high-quality power as cheaply and stably as possible, and of the weight of our responsibility in this area.

Giving consideration to the current status of global energy resources, in this section we discuss issues such as how we can ensure the electricity essential for daily life and industry, and the relative positioning of nuclear power and renewable energy.

About Energy

Japan relies on imports for almost all its energy.

It is essential for us to use a well-balanced combination of a variety of power sources.

We work with nuclear power as one of a variety of power sources.

We are actively working to introduce renewable energy.

About Nuclear Power Generation

Nuclear power makes use of the heat released by the fission of uranium.

The flow of procedures in recycling uranium resources is called the nuclear fuel cycle.

We are putting in place a variety of safety measures in order to minimize risk.

Radioactive waste is treated and disposed of to ensure that it does not affect our living environment.