The Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, today and tomorrow

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Ensuring the cooling function to prevent events from escalating into severe accidents

Anticipating the unlikely scenario of the loss of the cooling function, like the accident at Fukushima Daiichi
Adopting multiple alternative means

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station already has multiple-level preparedness, including receiving power from three different routes of transmission lines, and having flood-prevention measures in place to protect emergency diesel generators in the reactor buildings. Yet, the power station is prepared against even the loss of all of these power supplies.

Newly installing gas turbine generators on the high ground of 40 m above sea level(note)

Even if the gas turbine generator becomes unavailable(note)

Even if all the power supplies are exhausted(note)

The power station is equipped with these multiple layers of alternative means to ensure the cooling function and prevent events from escalating into severe accidents.(note)

Adopting multiple alternative means(note)